The company "SLP Global Ltd" was registered in April 2015. The company's office is located in Moscow.

The company's mission is - "to provide outsourcing services to clients' import (logistics) departments.

The company's strategy is to establish long-term, close and trusting business relationships with a small number of customers in targeted market segments. The company works only with relevant groups of products where the customer can be guaranteed reliability and professionalism.

The company is the official importer of brands of equipment: HUBER + SUHNER, R & M, Procom, Schaltbau, Spectrum Electrotechnik, Conteg, FIMO, SIRA, Eupen, and others.

The company specializes in the supply of:

  • Components for microwave measurements
  • Components for the production of telecommunications equipment
  • Cables
  • Connectors
  • Components for base station installation
  • Telecommunication equipment.

The company operates in the fields of:

  • Transport
  • Industry
  • Telecommunications.

"SLP Global Ltd" - are a team of professionals focused on issues of procurement, supply, import, customs clearance. The company makes extensive use of outsourcing solutions for standard tasks. This saves cost: the company has a very small team. The number of employees is 5 people.