Similar service  can be  offered by carriers. What is the difference between us?




Carriers work with all kinds of goods from diapers to aircraft, so they cannot select the correct customs tariff codes, nor determine the need for certification, nor control risks of customs value adjustment. Any problems they encounter will simply be your problems. Working with the carrier does not remove the need for you to have your own customs clearance specialist.

We work only with groups of products that we know (see “about Company”). We will pick the exact customs tariff codes so as to minimize taxes and avoid Customs value adjustment  and certification risk.

Carriers will not usually provide the cost details. You cannot see where you can save..

We will show you all of the costs for transportation and registration and you will know exactly how much you have paid, and for what, and how much we earn.

Carriers will have high requirements for the registration of shipping documents from suppliers and contracts to avoid problems with registration. Working with a carrier does not remove the need for you employ an expert who will prepare the documents.

In contrast, we take-on all of the documents and the challenges that go with them. You will not need to do anything yourself.

It is highly unlikely that Carriers will be firmly in contact with the supplier. To the question "why not pick up cargo," they can answer "we called, but no one answered." Working with the carrier does not negate the need to have your logistics specialist for contacts with the supplier.

We are beginning to contact the supplier long before shipment. We obtain packing lists, check, examine all the nuances and only then pick up the goods.