You do not need to have a bank account in different currencies - you can simply deal with us in Rubles.

Each supplier usually bills in their own currency. If you have multiple vendors, you have to open multiple foreign currency accounts and distribute the money between them.

You do not need to issue purchase contracts and passports of transactions with every supplier - you can simply make a sale and purchase agreement with us.

Banks and Customs require that each supplier contract should be translated. In addition, you will have to re-word the contract, tailoring it to the requirements of the particular customs and bank. However, foreign suppliers often do not like to change the text in their contracts.

You do not need to choose the carrier for each delivery and to conclude individual agreements with each of them - place a request with us and we will deliver your goods at the right time by air, truck or express delivery.

You do not need to meticulously plan the funds for customs payments and payments to suppliers - we have surplus funds and we underwrite these payments for you at the right moment.

You do not require administrative staff to carry out this work.

You do not need to be registered at different custom offices, nor enter into agreements with brokers.

What else do we undertake?

  • Selection Customs tariff codes
  • Check the need for certification / declarations
  • Pre-check for risks to customs clearance (Customs value adjustment, inspection, unjustified customs requirements)