How It Works

The client and the supplier agree on the delivery project. The supplier writes a commercial proposal including the cost and the terms of delivery. The client gives the proposal to us and from this point we are responsible for all the delivery process.

1. Order confirmation and placement
  The client and SLP Global sign a delivery contract (including the equipment specification). The price at this point is preliminary, based on the supplier quotation and the estimated value of trasportation and delivery.

2. Trasportation and Customs Clearance

No action is expected from the client. The client receives updates on the goods tracking and the expected date of delivery.

3. Delivery

                    The client is notified once the goods are received by SLP storage. SLP calculates all the expenses and presents the final cost. The shipment is arranged according to the invoice.


4. Documentation

SLP and the client sign a delivery contract. Each delivery is accompanied with a specification and a standard documentation package.

5. Safe storage

If necessary, the goods can be kept in our storage and then shipped to the client’s address of the client’s customers’ address. We are fully responsible for handling all the required documentation.

Our services include:

  • Repackaging
  • Preparing documentation
  • Individual storage
  • Counting the goods etc.